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Land and Sky's patented InnerCoil technology creates the first truly reactive sleep system, cradling the sleeper in soothing comfort while providing, healthful, therapeutic posture support.
Why InnerCoil support is different. Surrounded by the natural fluidity of water, each InnerCoil reacts individually to changes in the sleeper's shape, body position and weight distribution. Most flotation support systems provide "passive support"-the system compresses to conform to the sleeper's body. This fit is comfortable but does not promote proper sleeping posture. InnerCoils offer true "reactive support" characteristics. Each InnerCoil reacts to the sleeper's body by gently pushing back, providing perfect, personalized support in any sleeping position.
Make a lasting impression on your sleep comfort. Select an Impression mattress for use inside a New Century flotation bed or hardside frame.
Land and Sky Impression 5500
Land and Sky Impression 8500


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