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Boyd Personal Profile Mattress Topper

  • Open celled Visco-Elastic Memory Foam uses your body's own heat to soften and gently mold into your own unique orthopedically correct shape.

  • Ventilating channels naturally present in the Visco-Elastic material allow the visco foam to breath, while peaks and valleys in the surface circulate air, all to provide you with perspiration free comfort.
  • The Personal Profile Mattress Topper has three distinct comfort zones. The center third is more supportive, thanks to the revolutionary Surface Modified Technology (SMT).
  • The Personal Profile Mattress Topper is made of Sensus visco-elastic foam, which outperforms other visco-elastic. Sensus has a longer "memory" and is softer and more responsive to a wider range of temperatures.
  • The Personal Profile Mattress Topper is made of solid 100% high density Memory Foam.
  • Perfect for allergy sufferers, the Personal Profile Mattress Topper comes with a Medicott Cotton Cover. It has been specially processed to eliminate fats and proteins which are the food source for dust mites and other micro-organisms. With their food source eliminated, these pests cannot survive.
  • The professionally tailored Medicott Cotton Mattress Topper Covers are zippered on three sides. remove for convenient machine laundering, then easily replace. Elastic bands fit any mattress.
  • Upper Back and Neck Support

    Enjoy the newest shape of comfort with the Personal Profile Mattress Topper, made from Sensus Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. Only Sensus foam is made in a vacuum chamber under constant atmospheric conditions. This eliminates inconsistencies that are found in other visco foams, resulting in a much higher quality, enhanced strength and better performance.
    Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

    Open-celled Memory Foam responds to your body's own heat, molding and contouring to your unique, individual shape.
    Personal Profile Pillow With Medicott Cover

    Tailored Mattress Topper covers are made of imported Natural Medicott Cotton, which is treated to eliminate fats and proteins that harbor dust mites and other microorganisms.
    Medically Beneficial

    Medical professionals worldwide recommend visco-elastic products for the therapeutic benefits they provide. Originally developed by NASA to help relieve pilots that were undergoing the stress of G-force testing, this "space age" foam has been re-engineered for consumer and medical purposes. This incredibly complex, open celled wonder known as Visco-Elastic (Memory) Foam is most helpful in the relief of common back and neck pain, insomnia, snoring and stress.

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